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Monday, May 27, 2013

Part l update
How to make a 10% sodium bicarbonate solution mix. Over 10% will suffocate blood cells.

1/2 table spoon sodium bicarbonate per 4oz of distiller water
1/2 tablespoon magnesium chloride
1/2 tablespoon potassium gluconate
1/2 tablespoon citric acid or powdered vitamin C
Squeeze 1/2 lemon for flavor
Drink 2-3 times per day

How to make an Electrolyte (one ounce shots)

32 oz of distiller water (mason jar best)
1 oz of liquid chlorophyll (health food store)
1 oz of glycerine (palm or coconut) derived
1 tablespoon magnesium chloride (liquid)
2 tablespoons of potassium gluconate (powdered)
1/2 teaspoon of trisodium phosphate (crystals - powdered) best to order from pure source. Hardware stores carry it as TSP as a cleaner but make sure it is just trisodium phosphate with no additives.

Mix in blender 30 seconds - seal and refrigerate

Coconut direct ship from Florida farm

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

#3 "Reclaim your Health" Video Series

Simply use two large organic beets, skin with a potato peeler using the rots as well. Blend in a blender with an organic red wine with no sulfates. The amount of wine used will be to fill to the top or just over the beets. Blend for at least two minutes to mix well with the wine.

Red wine can be view as a grape tincture releasing the full benefits of the grape. The red color comes from the antioxidant called poly phenols with other benefits releasing the power of resveratrol. Grapes nutrients released by the alcohol have all thirteen minerals that support life: calcium, chloride, iodine, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc, chromium, copper and sulfur.

1) 2 large organic beets, skinned
2) organic red wine (any) without sulfates
3) blender
4) let it sit for 24 hours in sealed jars (mason)
5) strain through a cotton cloth. (Nut bag, jelly bag) not cheese cloth. Needs to be a liquid.
7) take 1 oz shots every 1/2 hour or so for upto four hours per day until finished.

Most of the alcohol has evaporated, however, simply pour it into a sauce pan and slightly heat up to help evaporate more. Do not raise above 90 degrees and allow to cool before use. Over 90 can destroy the nutrient qualities in clouding the enzyme activity.

Remember, this formula does not replace the need to use a herbal formula but to work in relationship with this beet formula. Living Soil makes a custom herbal program to cleanse the liver and purify the blood for $49. Just clink on the link for the herbal store, scroll down on the left side to locate the formula.

Regain our Health.

(Click on Link)  Cure to most Disease

#2  "Reclaim our Health" Video Series

(Natural Penicillin)

A powerful detoxification and chelation of heavy metals. The recovery of circulation, mental fatigue, revitalization of natural health by a simple process. Shuts down the pathways to cancer, bacteria, viruses.

1) Onion - red or yellow (1/2 or full)
2) 3" Ginger root
3) Large Grapefruit 
4) Peppermint essential oil (5 drops)

Blend or juice. Juicing is preferably due to nutrient extraction as a juice for immediate distribution through out the body.

You can add a nutrient supplement which will magnify and carry it through out the body quickly. Such as vitamins, minerals, other tinctures, essential oils.

Please do not uses any medications for this is a medicine in its own right. Keep a 2 hour window.

Start by taking 1 teaspoon every 10 minutes to see how your body reacts. Finish the product in two days or less.
Store in the refrigerator.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

(Click on Link) How To Alkaline your Body

#1 "Reclaim our Health", Video Series

1) Magnesium chloride / or Mag citrate
2) Potassium gluconate / or Mag chloride
3) Citric acid
4) Sodium bicarbonate
- All 1/4 teaspoon

Other additions
Alkazelser - add St. Joseph aspirin. 1 or 2
7-up flavor - add a squeezed lemon 1/2

Increase it's ability by 2000% attacks colon cancers shutting down 7 different cancer pathways in the body. Add the amino acid  Arginine.1/4 tps

I personally use Magnesium Chloride, however Magnesium Citrate is a nice alternative due to it is easily accessible at Walmart for a dollar for the liquid bottle for those who do not have access to Mag Chl to which I believe is better. If you use Mag Chloride - I use Potassium Gluconate. If you use Mag Cit - I would use Potassium Chloride with NaHC003 or Sodium Bicarbonate with Citric acid to create the reaction for immediate use in the body.