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Saturday, April 20, 2013

(Click on Link) How To Alkaline your Body

#1 "Reclaim our Health", Video Series

1) Magnesium chloride / or Mag citrate
2) Potassium gluconate / or Mag chloride
3) Citric acid
4) Sodium bicarbonate
- All 1/4 teaspoon

Other additions
Alkazelser - add St. Joseph aspirin. 1 or 2
7-up flavor - add a squeezed lemon 1/2

Increase it's ability by 2000% attacks colon cancers shutting down 7 different cancer pathways in the body. Add the amino acid  Arginine.1/4 tps

I personally use Magnesium Chloride, however Magnesium Citrate is a nice alternative due to it is easily accessible at Walmart for a dollar for the liquid bottle for those who do not have access to Mag Chl to which I believe is better. If you use Mag Chloride - I use Potassium Gluconate. If you use Mag Cit - I would use Potassium Chloride with NaHC003 or Sodium Bicarbonate with Citric acid to create the reaction for immediate use in the body.

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